Pagina Web con diversos temas e imagenes

Power Ranger ATV

Guide the power ranger in order to pass through all the obstacles. Use the arrows form the keyboard.

Spongebob saves Patricio

A test similar to the Mario world but with SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom. You must complete each of the levels cangreburguer trapping all to finally be able to release the cage patrician. Use the "arrow keys" to move.

Mario Rush 2

Walk in the dangerous world of Mario kart driving the roads in this 3D game. Avoid hitting the enemies of Mario. Use the "arrow keys" to drive. Fill the gap to complete the level, catch the coins, or fungi to increase your score.

Coffee with friends

Prepare for the girl to come out for coffee with friends sporting the best in fashion. Use the mouse to perform each of the steps of beauty.

Baby Dragon

Performs all necessary care for each of the little dragons. Select the dragon you wish to protect and use the mouse to perform each of the duties of care.

Extreme Jumps

Conducts special enduro bike jumps and achieved the highest scores going around this track is designed for extreme jumps. Use the "arrow keys" to drive the bike.

Parking cars

Locate in the best way tractor-trailers parking levels within the demarcated place yellow.

Mario in the desert

A Mario Bros version that develops in the desert. Jump over the cliffs, catch coins and defeat the enemies of Mario. Use the "arrow keys" to move.


Coordinates the limbs of the athlete to achieve run the race. Press "Q, W, W, P" to switch the movement of the limbs, to achieve balance.

Bomberman 4

A longer version of this game like Bomberman. Choose the game mode by setting the number of enemies, the difficulty and number of players. Use the "arrow keys" to move and "space bar" to bomb or hit.